Like many of the digital generation, I have a passion for photography. I resisted the transition from film to digital, having enjoyed developing my own black and white prints in our darkroom basement as a teenager. However the ability to shoot and store a seemingly infinite number of shots got me hooked. The photos here represent a sample of my main subjects of interest – nature, patterns, and the infinity of detail.

Ant     Carrots     Chairs in Barcelona

Pinecone in Osaka     Capybara     Rubber Band Ball


Nothing matches the thrill of flying underwater. As a competitive swimmer for most of my teenage years, I was always comfortable in the water; in fact more so than on land. However I never got the opportunity to scuba dive until my mid-twenties. Since then I haven’t looked back. I’ve dove mostly in South Korea, but also in Mexico and Thailand.

Scuba in Jeju      Scuba in Jeju


When I was a child, I despised going on long walks in the woods with my parents. I would have rather been in front of my computer. Times have changed, somewhat. Although I remain technologically inclined, the mountain and forests of the world represent opportunities to escape from the information era. I’ve hiked in Canada, Peru, France, South Korea, Indonesia – and even one unforgettable weekend in North Korea.


I would never claim to be an artist, but you don’t have to be an artist to pick up a paintbrush. I discovered painting after coming to Korea. I had been looking for new hobbies, and inspiration struck me as I was walking past an art supplies store in Hongdae. I’ve painted on and off since then, focusing on similar themes as my photography – patterns and simplicity.

Portrait of a House     Pixelated Bonsai


I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel extensively throughout my life – first thanks to an adventurous family, and then on my own. I have had unforgettable trips across Europe (Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and the UK), the Americas (Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru), and Asia (South and North Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia). It’s clearly a cliche to say that traveling opens the mind – but there’s no doubt it’s true. Every town, city, or country I visit provides me with additional perspective on my own life, and where I come from. I have not yet had the opportunity to visit the Middle East or any part of Africa; I know that I will find my way there someday.

Bali, Indonesia     The Great Wall     Santorini, Greece

Cuzco, Peru     Geumgangsan, North Korea     Avebury, UK