Academic Awards

Yonsei GSIS Graduating Program Award for Academic Excellence
Seoul, Korea (02.2011)

Korean Federation of Women Professors – Scholarship Recipient
Seoul, Korea (12.2010)

Yonsei GSIS Dean’s List for Academic Excellence (Four Semesters)
Seoul, Korea (12.2008 – 12.2010)

1st Place – Model G20 – Presidential Commission for the G20
Seoul, Korea (11.2010)

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Valedictorian, Graduating Award in Literary Arts – Canterbury High School
Ottawa, Canada (06.1998)

Public Speaking Awards

3rd Place – Best Speaker Category – Korea National Debate Championships
Seoul, Korea (10.2009)

1st Place – Seoul Inter-GSIS Debate Tournament (Two Years)
Seoul, Korea (10.2008, 06.2009)

1st Place – Training Presentation – Regional Teachers Workshop (Two Years)
Seoul, Korea (03.2006, 05.2007)