Career Objective

To use the written word as a tool for the promotion of equitable development, environmental sustainability, and social justice


  • Master of International Relations, Program in International Law and Organizations, Graduating Award for Academic Excellence (Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, 09.2008 – 12.2010)
  • Bachelor of Classical Civilizations, Program in Greek Literature and History (Concordia University Montreal, Canada, 09.2001 – 06.2004)
  • Studies in Geology and Earth Sciences (Queen’s University Kingston, Canada, 09.1998 – 05.2001)

Work Experience

Speechwriter – International Energy Agency (Paris, France, 09.2014 – present)

  • Writing speeches, interviews, and opening remarks for the Executive Director, two to five speaking engagements per week
  • Working with policy experts and analysts to craft appropriate messaging and content for topics including gas and oil markets, renewable energy technologies, energy security, energy efficiency, and energy financing
  • Coordinating messaging with colleagues in the Communications and Information Office

Communications Officer – Partnership in Statistics for Development in the 21st Century (PARIS21) (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) (Paris, France, 11.2013 – 09.2014)

  • Designed, implemented, and managed online and print communications activities for PARIS21
  • Maintained and promoted the PARIS21 online presence, including social media and website content
  • Edited, formatted, and designed advocacy materials for national statistical offices in countries including Cambodia, Bermuda, and Benin, and regional organisations including AFRISTAT and the African Union
  • Designed branding, key messages, and a communications plan for the project “Informing a Data Revolution” funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Communications Manager – Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue: Carbon Talks (Vancouver, Canada, 03.2012 – 06.2013)

  • Designed and implemented a media and communications strategy for the Carbon Talks project
  • Wrote biweekly blog posts and daily twitter and Facebook content, wrote three pieces published in print newspapers
  • Oversaw the production of six dialogue reports and discussion guides, and contributed as a writer, editor, layout editor, and graphic designer
  • Wrote six innovator profiles based on in-depth personal interviews
  • Managed a staff of four to six interns, including overseeing a social media strategy, developing the Green History of Vancouver Timeline, and providing training on graphic design and layout
  • Wrote and submitted seven grant proposals totalling over $200,000 for two Carbon Talks projects

Intern – Indonesian Migrant Workers Project, International Labour Organization (Jakarta, Indonesia, 07.2011 – 01.2012)

  • Conducted desk research on issues of labour migration and human trafficking in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia
  • Drafted concept notes, project summaries, fact sheets, and background papers for internal and public consumption
  • Compiled and analyzed statistics on labour migration from academic papers, government reports and databases, and private industry, international organizations, and civil society reports

Research and Communications Consultant – Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada (Vancouver, Canada, 02.2011 – 06.2011)

  • Produced a comprehensive research paper on the international law obligations of states to provide human rights 
education and training as part of a study funded by the Law Society of British Columbia
  • Drafted the annual general report in collaboration with the Executive Director
  • Wrote monthly e-newsletters, facilitated annual general meeting 2011, and maintained website and social media content

External Collaborator – ILO/EC Project on Knowledge Sharing in Early Identification of Skills Needs, International Labour Organization (Geneva, Switzerland, 01.2011 – 03.2011)

  • Contributed to the ILO report Skills and Occupational Needs in Green Building, published November 2011
  • Researched government and private industry programs on promotion of green jobs in the construction sector
  • Wrote a series of five country-specific summary papers on the state of green building sectors in Europe and Asia

Intern – United Nations Monitoring Team, International Service for Human Rights (Geneva, Switzerland, 01.2010 – 07.2010)

  • Monitored and reported on United Nations human rights mechanisms, including the Human Rights Council
  • Wrote three analytical reports published in the Human Rights Monitor Quarterly
  • Maintained the ISHR website and published online updates on UN human rights activities

Layout and Design Editor, Staff Writer, NOVAsia: Yonsei University International Studies Magazine (Seoul, Korea, 09.2009 – 12.2010)

  • Designed six issues of NOVAsia, produced graphics, procured licensed images, and trained incoming design staff
  • Wrote eight feature-length articles (1500-2000 words), and six editorials (800-1000 words)

Head Foreign English Instructor, Seodaemun English Academy (Seoul, Korea, 06.2005 – 06.2008)

  • Developed and implemented curricula for kindergarten and afterschool English programs
  • Collaborated with the director on the planning and management of a new school library featuring over 2000 books
  • Recruited, trained, managed, and provided support to a team of up to eight foreign teachers

Project Officer – Canadian CommonCV Project, Canadian Institutes for Health Research (Ottawa, Canada, 06.2003 – 04.2005)

  • Supported technical and project administration of an online database of health researcher CVs
  • Researched possible funding agencies through internet and telephone inquiries
  • Provided clerical and administrative support to the Project Director

Administrative Assistant, Health Canada – Bureau of HIV/AIDS, STD and TB (Ottawa, Canada, 05.1999 – 08.1999)

  • Provided clerical and administrative assistance to the Director
  • Composed correspondence, liaised with staff from other departments, acted as first-line receptionist for the Bureau

Selected Publications

(For a full list of publications, including links, please visit my publications page)

  • Gully, C. “A Witch Hunt for Environmentalists” The Mark, 18.04.2012
  • Sylvester, S., and Gully, C. “Opinion: Carbon tax makes B.C. a world leader” Vancouver Sun, 31.08.2013
  • Gully, C. “Finding Innovative Financing for the Green built Environment” Carbon Talks, 10.2012
  • Gully C. “Creating and Enabling a Municipal Environment for District Energy” Carbon Talks, 10.2012
  • Gully, C. “Plotting the green history of Vancouver” Vancouver Observer, 03.12.2012
  • Kim, J., Jeon, S., and Gully, C. “Cross the Border” (in Korean & English) Edit the World: Seoul, South Korea, 03.2011
  • Gully, C. “Institutional Stumbling Blocks in the UPR 8th Session” Human Rights Monitor Quarterly: Issue 2/3, 08.2010
  • Gully, C. “Veiled Intolerance: Headscarf Laws in Quebec and France” NOVAsia: Vol 3, Issue 7, 06.2010
  • Gully, C. “Down to Earth: Human Rights and Disaster Relief” NOVAsia: Vol 3, Issue 6, 04.2010
  • Gully, C., and Deng, J. “Human Rights Council Advisory Committee: 4th Session” Human Rights Monitor Quarterly: Issue 1/3, 04.2010
  • Gully, C., Marks, K., and Cesrescu, E. “Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination: 76th Session” Human Rights Monitor Quarterly: Issue 1/3, 04.2010
  • Gully, C. “A Weekend in Geumgangsan (North Korea)” NOVAsia: Vol 2, Issue 5, 12.2009

Volunteer and Other Activities

  • Participant, Grant Seeking for Non-Profits, Seminar, The Foundation Centre (San Francisco, USA, 06.2011)
  • Volunteer, Amnesty International Pacific Regional Office (Vancouver, Canada, 03.2011 – 06.2011)
  • Invited Participant, Tuft’s University GLOBE Seminar : Global Climate Change Regime (Talloires, France, 09.2010)
  • Student Representative, Yonsei University Graduate Student’s Association (Seoul, Korea, 01.2009 – 12.2010)
  • Volunteer Builder, Habitat for Humanity (Ottawa, Canada, 07.2002 – 08.2002)


  • Academic Awards
    • Yonsei GSIS Graduating Program Award for Academic Excellence (Seoul, Korea, 02.2011)
    • Korean Federation of Women Professors – Scholarship Recipient (Seoul, Korea, 12.2010)
    • Yonsei GSIS Dean’s List for Academic Excellence (Four Semesters) (Seoul, Korea, 12.2008 – 12.2010)
    • 1st Place – Model G20 – Presidential Commission for the G20 (Seoul, Korea, 11.2010)
    • Valedictorian, Graduating Award in Literary Arts – Canterbury High School (Ottawa, Canada, 06.1998)
  • Public Speaking Awards
    • 3rd Place – Best Speaker Category – Korea National Debate Championships (Seoul, Korea, 10.2009)
    • 1st Place – Seoul Inter-GSIS Debate Tournament (Two Years) (Seoul, Korea, 10.2008, 06.2009)
    • 1st Place – Training Presentation – Regional Teachers Workshop (Two Years) (Seoul, Korea, 03.2006, 05.2007)


  • English – Native speaker
  • French – Competent reading; basic writing and speaking
  • Korean – Basic reading, writing, and speaking