The Danger of Monologues

These days, Canada seems to be a country of monologues. On complex and multifaceted issues like the environment, or the economy, we are increasingly dividing ourselves along partisan lines, pushing our own agendas, and entirely dismissing any counterarguments, debate, discussion, or dialogue.

Our Collective Myth

It’s been over forty years since Canada became a signatory to the International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination; this has provided governments at all levels ample opportunity to review legislation and policies in light of their responsibilities.

Blaming Virtue for the Excesses of Greed

In her latest column for the Globe & Mail, Ms. Wente blasts the Occupy movement as architects of their own demise. She paints a picture of what she calls the “virtueocracy”, a generation of graduates who pursued degrees in sociology, environmental law, or (heaven forbid) human rights and are upset that there’s no work to be had.